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Terms and Policies

Customer Service and Order tracking

Customer Service representatives are available during the business hours listed for each location. Whether your inquiry is in reference to an order you are planning to send us, one already in production, or you simply need to order supplies, always have your account number or order number available to expedite your request. You can track the status of an order including shipment tracking numbers and view account statements at www.poundslabs.com/customers.

Account Policy

Pounds is a professional lab that provides services to portrait, wedding, school, youth sports and event photographers nationwide. We limit our accounts to photographers who pursue their livelihood, in whole or part, in the profession of portrait photography. New Account applications can be completed on our website to get started right away.

Shipping From Pounds

Ground service is used when the destination address is within the two day shipping zone for ground; otherwise Standard Orders are sent second day air. In either case, your Standard Order shipment should make it to you within two days of leaving our plant. Accounts are charged $6.00 each day they have a shipment regardless of how many orders or shipments they have that day. Additional charges may be applied to Oversized Orders as described below.

Standard Orders: Print Products when mounted or framed conform to 20x24 or smaller in size. This includes 20x24 or smaller Canvas Wraps.

Oversized Orders: Print Products larger than 20x24 such as Canvas Wraps, mounted or matted prints and framed prints that require oversized packaging and crush zones.

Our shipping carriers levee additional charges to Oversized Orders. To defray some of these charges, we add an additional $10 to these oversized orders.

All Oversized Orders will be shipped ground, unless you wish to receive a quote for Second Day delivery.

First Class Mail

Customers requesting First Class Mail shipping from Pounds are charged $5.50 per shipment.

Special Handling

Should a shipment require special delivery, handling, packaging, crating or shipping, the actual charges incurred will be added to the invoice for that particular job. Drop Shipping is available at $7.00 per address (not available for COD orders).

Payment Terms

Upon approved credit, you may open a Pounds Charge Account for your studio. Invoices will be sent monthly. The other payment option is charge by credit card. If you pay by credit card, our normal procedure is to post a single charge to your account each evening for work billed during the day. Your credit card will only be charged for print products and services you order from Pounds.

Shipping Insurance

Common carriers and express couriers consider film, negatives and finished prints to be "original artwork". Original artwork carries a maximum declared value of $100.00. Since this dollar valuation and fixed liability is assigned and limited by all carriers, we will not pay for nor add additional insurance to packages shipped to or from Pounds.

Service Time

Lab service times listed in our literature are working days and do not include weekends or holidays. We make every attempt to meet our published service times. Due to the seasonal nature of our business and special unforeseen problems, however, we may occasionally have to add additional time. When promising your orders to customers, please give them a realistic schedule. Electronic orders (submitted via one of our portals) must be received in lab by 11:00 a.m. to count as having been submitted that day. Orders are due out of the lab after 4:30 p.m. on their scheduled completion date.

Changed or Canceled Order Charges

Once an order has entered production, requests to change or cancel a service will result in a $3.00 charge being added to the order. Refused estimates or canceled orders, which must be returned to the customer, will be charged the applicable shipping, packaging and handling fee. Should an order be canceled once it has completed any stage of production, it will be invoiced for all services it has already received.

Rush Service

Any order requested to be completed faster than standard service time will incur a rush charge. 100% Rush Service may be added to orders that require completion faster than our standard service times. Rush Service doubles the price of each service or product in the order and shortens the lab time to one day per service area. Service areas include: Retouching, Printing, Finishing, and Cut-Outs/Magnets/Buttons. The following Services/Products can not be rushed: Albums, Press Products, Novelty Items, and Gallery Wraps. Requests for rush service must be made at the time the order is submitted. We reserve the right to accept or decline rush requests subject to our capacity at the time to perform all the services required in the time available. Minimum rush charge is $20.00.

Minimum Charge

Pic-A-Pac/Memory Mate orders have a minimum charge of $20.00. All other orders have a minimum of $10.00.

Quality Expectations, Color Matching and Re-orders

Due to the characteristics of paper and chemistry, we cannot guarantee exact color and/or density matching to previously processed orders. If matching is important, always include a guide print and indicate "Match Color and Density" on your order. We will attempt to match products as closely as possible. Please note that it is often impossible to match a print on photographic paper to an inkjet print.

Print Regardless

Images that are grossly over or under exposed will be returned as unprintable. We may accept a job only with the understanding that the final results will likely fall below our standards.

Copyrighted Material

Under Federal law 17 U.S.C. #116, the individual photographer is the sole owner of the copyright of the image he creates and has the sole and exclusive rights to make any reprints or to authorize the making of reprints. This law is enforceable whether or not the image carries the copyright notice or icon. "When it is created, it is copyrighted." Pounds cannot and will not (without exception) copy any photography which is not accompanied with a written release from the originating photographer. In addition, we will not produce prints from a copy negative submitted to us which has a visible copyright.

Obscene or Objectionable Photos

Federal and Texas laws declare that sexually explicit photos are illegal if minors appear in them. Pounds Photographic Labs, Inc. will comply as well as assist all enforcement agencies in upholding these laws and regulations. If photos or images submitted to us appear to involve minors in sexually oriented conduct, the proper law enforcement agency will be contacted immediately and the negatives, images, prints and the name of the individual submitting the order will be turned over for their action. In addition to the laws governing sexually explicit photos of minors, Pounds will not accept or produce photos of any nature that we deem objectionable. We retain the right of refusal to reproduce images depicting aberrant or sexual conduct even if such images are not illegal. If subject matter submitted to us is deemed objectionable, at our sole discretion, the unprinted negatives/order will be returned to the photographer.

Limitation of Liability

Pounds uses prudence and caution to ensure the proper handling of any film, print, negative, digital file or media submitted to us. The acceptance of any film, print, negative, file or other media is without other expressed or implied warranty or liability and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded and agreed. Pounds assumes no liability for loss or damage to orders in transit to or from our facilities.


In the case of an error in any order you submit, please contact us within 30 days. We can usually correct the error with a phone call to customer service. You must provide us with the work order number at that time. We’ll correct the error and reship as quickly as possible. In some cases, if the error was in your submission of the order, we may require you to send a new order.

Effective Date

Prices, shipping information and policies cited throughout this online document and our catalog are effective as of January 30, 2009 and are subject to change without notice.