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PPA: What’s in it for YOU?

There are a lot of organizations out there vying for your attention and your money. Local, state, regional, category specific, sub category, the list goes on and on. Why choose the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)? What’s in it for you?

We took our questions to Eric Anundi of Eric John Photography . Eric has been a member of PPA since 1997.

“I remember joining specifically for the Indemnification Malpractice Coverage ,” he said.

This program covers photographers against malpractice lawsuits. Can you imagine losing a digital file from a wedding ? “ If I were to be sued for any reason, PPA would appoint and pay for local attorneys to represent me and pay for all damages awarded to my client,” Anundi said.

PPA has one main focus, to help photographers. It is the largest nonprofit association for professional photographers in the world. PPA is in 54 countries and has been around since 1880. It is the industry’s most powerful organization.

PPA offers a wide variety of services including education, discounts and copyright assistance.

“I love the copyright assistance,” Anundi said. “ In this day and age, copyright questions can be answered with precision by PPA staff.”

“We are a member of Studio Management Services (SMS) which has turned our business around,” he said. SMS gives members of PPA access to financial and business services designed to fit individual studio needs. Business advice from top consultants, bookkeeping services, live and online seminars are all included in SMS. This member benefit alone can get a new business off on the right foot as well as help an established studio that needs a tune up.

Business is largely based on perception. Pr ofessional associations create a level of comfort for clients. “I love the ability to use the PPA logo on my website and brochure which really states that I am a true professional,” Anundi said.

What’s in PPA for you? The answer is clear. Membership in PPA is one of the best investments you can make in your business!

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