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Archive for May, 2012

What’s in Your Marketing Kit? Part 1

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Marketing is a year round process. It never stops and that’s always hard to think about when you’re busy! It’s important to create a marketing kit whether you’re just starting out, creating new systems or increasing the studio’s profile in your area.

Pounds started Special Promos as a way to keep you thinking about consistent marketing. Every two weeks you get email reminders about great savings on products your clients love. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep up with marketing. In addition to Special Promos we have a wide variety of products designed to keep you in front of your clients.

Without a doubt, you need Business Cards. Think about how often you go through an order of cards. Whatever time-frame that is, three months, six months or a year, set a reminder to place an order so you’re never caught short. The next vital marketing items you need to stock are Gift-Promo Cards. Create them to coordinate with our Special Promos and send them out in advance of each promotion! It’s a very easy way to remind clients you’re always thinking about them and of course they’ll be thinking about you!

There’s going to be a point in your career when you showcase your talents in a trade show or community event. This is a perfect place to have a Banner that will promote your business. It’s easy to create Banners. Simply choose an image and drag it into PROS and we’ll do the rest! You’ll be easy to spot at any event!

Referrals are vital to every photographer’s business. Rep Cards are the perfect size to hand out to clients who will in turn hand them over to friends and increase your business! You can make Rep Cards in PROS. Just upload an image and your referral information on one side and your studio branding on the other.

Promo Templates are another great way to market your studio. These are branded product flyers that allow you to showcase your own product images or you can always use a special set of Pounds Product Images easily downloaded from the catalog page on our website.

Utilizing all of these great marketing tools will keep visibility and recognition factors high and keep you in mind when anyone needs photography in your market! So put your marketing kit together today and let us know how it goes! Check back with us next week when we’ll have more great ideas for you!