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Archive for August, 2011

Taking it On the Road with Carl Clark

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Carl Clark has been leading the sales team at Pounds for 26 years. While his title may be Sales Executive he should really be called Senior Product Mentor or Guru of Big Reveals! Carl gets to show off our products all over the country and he knows more about them than almost anyone you’ re ever likely to meet. If you attend a guild meeting, trade show workshop or convention, you’ll see him, because he’s the man who takes Pounds on the road!

POUNDS What do you like most about your job?
CARL I really enjoy helping photographers solve problems and grow their business. It’s very rewarding to see them implement marketing ideas that work and help them become more successful. Diversity is very important in today’s economy.

POUNDS How much do you travel?
CARL I spend approximately 25% of my time traveling to guild meetings, convention trade shows, and workshops. Most of my travel is in central and south Texas. I do naturally travel out of state for the Imaging USA and the WPPI convention each year.

POUNDS Do you have favorite shows you really look forward to attending?
CARL The WPPI is probably my favorite trade show because it’s the largest and I get to visit with a more diversified group of photographers.  I look forward to hearing ideas from around the world and then sharing those ideas with photographers here in our marketing territory.

POUNDS Do you return from conventions with ideas for products?
CARL We always try to come away from a convention with new ideas. Sometimes the idea comes from a photographer on the other side of the world and sometimes it’s from a photographer right here in the “good ole” USA.

POUNDS What’s the feedback you’re getting about our products this year?
CARL Professional photographers are always looking for new and exciting products that amateur photographers cannot get. That’s one reason Pounds is constantly developing new products.

POUNDS It seems almost as if you really don’t have to “sell” people on Pounds’ products, is that accurate?
CARL Sometimes you’ ll need to explain to a photographer how they can incorporate a product into their packages to help them se ll it.

POUNDS Is there a phrase or a statement you hear pretty consistently when people come to the Pounds booth at a show?
CARL “You guys have the widest variety of products and the quality of your books is great!”

POUNDS How do you keep presentations “fresh” for new and returning clients?
CARL We always present new products at every show that they’ve never seen before.

POUNDS Is there a hands down favorite product that you find photographers comment on at every show?
CARL Wavy Metal. It’s a product that no other lab can duplicate because one of our own employees built the machine to create this very unusual product. We always hear “ This is so neat,” “ I’ve never seen this before,”  “Nobody else has this,” and of course “ I love Wavy Metal”!

POUNDS There is a lot of competition out there. How do you feel Pounds stands out from the crowd ?
CARL We have the most unusual products like Wavy Metal and Story Metal. Our competitors just don’t have these unique products!