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Archive for April, 2011

Above and Beyond

Monday, April 11th, 2011

It isn’t hard to define the role of someone in customer service. They have to be a good listener. They can’ t make assump tions but have to anticipate needs. Resourcefulness and the ability to problem solve are essential. The bottom line is they really have to like people and want to help them. Darren Hanson fits every part of the customer service definition. He’s been with the Pounds team for thirteen years. “It’s the daily communication I enjoy,” Hanson said. “That and the friendly work environment, of course!”

Hanson spends most of his time in the office working with customers but once in a while he’s able to attend an event like Imaging USA and WPPI and get face-to-face feedback from clients. “It’s always a surprise and it’s always a pleasure to put a face with a name,” he said.  “I’ve worked with most people for years and when I finally get a chance to meet them in person, I feel like I already know them.

Going above and beyond is a daily occurrence for Hanson. He solves problems; juggles an array of client needs and manages to ensure no balls get dropped regardless of the circumstances.

A great example of this was recounted in a letter we recently received from a new client. This past winter, snowstorms halted a lot of business. Shipping schedules were disrupted and carriers were scrambling to catch up on deliveries. “An order placed a week and a half earlier had still not made it and had been promised to a client for Valentine’s Day,” photographer Jim Presley of Presley Photography wrote. “When I called, the gentleman I spoke with urgently reprinted the portion of my order promised for that Monday, had it shipped overnight for Saturday delivery and literally saved my client for me. I regret to say I did not take down the names of the people who made this happen but I get the idea that your company is packed full of good-hearted and generous people that know what customer service is all about.”

You guessed it, our own Darren Hanson was that gentleman and the Pounds team earned another loyal customer for going above and beyond, something that is simply second nature for Hanson and for Pounds!