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Archive for May, 2010


Monday, May 10th, 2010

Shooting weddings is a calling. It isn’t easy. You deal with hopes, dreams and raw emotions. Everyone has expectations. Not only does the passion and love have to be captured, so does the energy and spirit of each couple. Portland photographer Eric Holland and his team at Holland Studios have figured out how to capture it all and they do it exceptionally well.

POUNDS: What inspired Eric to become a wedding photographer?
HOLLAND STUDIOS: Eric loves to talk! He really gets to know people and what makes them tick. He has a unique ability to translate that into images that capture each couple and tell their story. In fact that is what we love the most about wedding photography. We’re storytellers.

POUNDS: There is a terrific energy to your images. You seem to be able to bridge the gap of what is “expected” by the parents and what is” desired” by the bride and groom.
HOLLAND STUDIOS: We encourage our clients to allow us to shoot their engagement session.  This allows us to build a relationship with them right from the beginning.  We shoot what we see but we also shoot what we feel. Of course we make sure to get the “expected” shots of faces and smiles and that builds trust for the parents.  Once a couple sees their engagement session photos, they fall in love with the images. That’s when they begin to trust us to capture their wedding day, their love story.

Tell us a little bit about your process.
HOLLAND STUDIOS: We schedule a details meeting with our clients before each wedding. We use two photographers for most of our weddings so we can cover every angle of the whole look and feel of the wedding. Holl and Studios has four photographers and each has a second shooter they like to work with. Listening is vital. We go over the flow of the day and really listen. Then we’re able to hear what is most important and make that the focus of our job.  We understand our clients before the wedding so we exceed their expectations.

We’re able to combine our dream and style with their needs, make it work together and create a perfect, complete story.

How much does the location dictate your shots?
HOLLAND STUDIOS: Looking for light and angles drives us more than the location.  You can always find the “right” spot, even if the venue is not what you would think. We work at so many venues that we can switch from urban architecture to a vineyard in a day.

What is the best advice you can give a bride and groom
about being photographed ?
HOLLAND STUDIOS: Choose a photographer whose work you love and that you’ re comfortable with. If you are not comfortable and you don’t communicate with your photographer, it will show in the images.

POUNDS: Do you have a favorite wedding memory that stands out in your mind?
HOLLAND: Yes, an amazing story. This particular groom and bride were each recovering from marriages that did not last.  They hadn’t met one another yet. Both were in their homes on the same Sunday morning, watching the same program on television.  It was a wedding show that featured Eric as a vendor. They both decided if they were ever to marry again, they would hire Eric.  Well, of course they met, and fell in love. When they began talking about wedding plans they each had a “must have” photographer in mind and that was Eric!

POUNDS: What advice would you give a new wedding photographer, just beginning their career?
HOLLAND: Master your skills. Go to conventions and seminars. Join associations. Walk away from each event with a new idea that you can use to better yourself and your business. Once you’re established, give back to your profession.

Most of all do what you love and love what you do.

POUNDS: What inspires you?
HOLLAND STUDIOS: Our clients, new products, new camera gear, and the spirit of competition! Every day is a new day. Every new day brings the opportunity to see and create.