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Archive for April, 2010

Face It: Are you using Facebook for marketing?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Facebook is a phenomenon. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we promote and the way we market. According to Chris Treadaway, author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, Facebook has over 400 million worldwide users.

“Taken down to the local level, though, this means that Facebook might just already have more reach in the community than any other media outlet,” Treadaway said. “Facebook is trying to become the first place people visit when logging into their computers every morning. The site that leads this battle carries the most online leverage.”

On April 21st, Facebook announced a web-wide “like” button that shares a user’s activity with a single click. It’s easy to see Facebook gaining even more ground with the new sharing and recommendation functionality.

What does this mean for the photography industry? It means if you are not using Facebook for marketing, you’re missing a huge potential client base.

Where do we get business? Networking, pure and simple. Word of mouth in the photography industry is everything. Bridal photographers know that one bride can lead to twenty more. The unmarried members of the bridal party are potential clients, but so are all of the other guests! They will all refer you; they will “network” you, and you’ ll stay busy! Whatever your specialty, the majority of business is derived from networking. Think of Facebook as one big bridal party, one big sporting event or one big graduation ceremony. Everyone is talking. You want them to be talking about your photographs!

Facebook has to be the easiest marketing tool ever invented. It’s simple to create a fan page for your business. Upload a brief paragraph about your studio, then add beautiful photos, client testimonials and a link to your website. You’ll want to update Facebook more frequently than your blog. Don’t worry; updates take a lot less time than blogs! You can update daily or a couple of times a day. The great thing about using Facebook  as a marketing tool is  that you will receive an email every time someone comments on your page. Facebook basically reminds you to log in and comment back!
Facebook offers a readymade audience, and they are your local targeted demographic. Clients are already looking for you there, and they need to find you there.

If you haven’t st arted a fan page for your studio yet, do it today. The impact and reach of Facebook is impossible to ignore.


Monday, April 5th, 2010

Every year you have to stay on top and be on trend but keep your balance sheet on track. We’re constantly developing new merchandise and software to help you accomplish these goals.

The biggest buzz is all about our new Metal Prints. The archival qualities, combined with rich vibrant color and luminosity, have made Metal Prints a must have item to offer clients this year. We recently added a wave to the Metal Print product, creating an element of physical depth that imparts a feeling of spirit and energy to your images.

There’s a new take on Key Chains with the introduction of Silver color heart and diamond shaped options. These are wonderful for bridal party thank you gifts and senior keepsakes.

Of course we had to have a little fun with our novelty items this year so we added Stickers. Kids will love trading Stickers so be sure to add them to school photo orders. Offer them to your sports teams and don’t forget your seniors! Stickers are irresistible.

Keep an eye on your inbox, you never know what’s about to develop at Pounds!