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Archive for September, 2009


Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Get a head-start on the holidays by launching your studio promotions before the big rush begins. From now until September 30, you can take advantage of our Holiday Products Special. Pounds is reducing our prices for Press Cards, Gallery Wraps, Calendars, Gift Tags, and Holiday Funpacks.  You can pass the savings on to your customers with an “early bird” special in your studio.  Just use Promo Code HOL2 when you place their orders.  Here are the discounts you will receive:

Press Cards
20% discount on quantities up to 299.
10% discount on our already reduced prices for quantities of 300 and more.

Spiral Bound Calendars
20% discount on 8.5×11, 11×8.5 and 11×17 calendars.

Gallery Wraps
20% discount on 11×14 and 16×20 Gallery Wraps.

Gift Tags
20% discount on Gift Tags – four photo gift tags on one sheet.

Holiday Funpacks
20% discount on Holiday Funpacks – six photo ornaments on one die-cut sheet.

Behind the Scenes with Brandi Nellis

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Meet Brandi Nellis of Brandi Nellis Photography.  Pounds is pleased to feature Brandi in our Signature Portrait Series.  Her distinctive style is so candid and natural, there’s no chance of kids becoming camera shy during her sessions.  While some photographers try to pose children, Brandi might just hand them a Popsicle.  Then, she’ll capture the pure joy in their smiling faces.  When it came to her own portrait session, Brandi tells us it was LOL fun too.  Read all about it in her Behind the Scenes interview.  To find out why Brandi is such a loyal Pounds customer, see her testimonial in her Community Profile.

Pounds Community Profile:  Brandi Nellis, Brandi Nellis Photography

Who was your portrait taken by and why did you choose that person ?
My photo was taken by Nicole Whelan.  Nicole and I met last fall when we both donated our photography services to the Austin Down Syndrome Association Gala.  We hit it off that night and have kept in touch since.  She actually called me about a month ago to see if I would photograph her and her husband and in return, she would photograph me with my hubby.  While we were shooting, I had her take a few of me by myself for this campaign.

How did you decide on that location?
I picked South Congress in Austin because I have always wanted to photograph there and I haven’t been able to yet.  I decided to have MY photos taken there because it’s a funky and colorful place (like me.) 🙂

What is distinctive about your style of photography and what makes this your Signature Portrait?
I love photographs of people laughing…really laughing.  I love to capture when dads are tickling their kids and the kids are laughing so hard they are almost crying.  It makes me smile.  This is definitely a wide-open mouth, laughing shot and I like to laugh…a lot.

Did anything funny or interesting happen during this shoot?
We had a blast the entire shoot but I think Nicole got especially tickled when my husband got in on the act.  We just celebrated our 10th anniversary and I’m actually quite proud to say that we are still in love and still have some chemistry after all these years. Sometimes it comes out in goofy ways and we didn’t notice how we looked, but Nicole thought it was so funny.

How did you feel in front of the camera and did you learn anything that will help you when you are photographing other people?
It feels a little awkward being in front of the camera especially since I’m usually behind the lens but with my goofball personality I’m usually hamming it up in no time.  A few times I wanted to grab the camera out of Nicole’s hand and do it my way but I didn’t.  Yes, I did learn to work on body positioning that day.  We were really working to make my hips look thinner.   All I have to say is thank the Lord for Photoshop!