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Archive for July, 2009

Behind the Scenes with Cliff Ranson

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Pounds is pleased to present Cliff Ranson of Ranson Photography in our Signature Portrait Series.  We think you’ll agree that Cliff’s image is a great example of portrait design.  The lighting, colors, and  textures create a moody effect that really draws us in. We love how he chose clothing that would complement the background.  If Cliff was a rock star, this photo would be great on the cover of a CD! We can see why this is one of his favorite locations for Seniors.   Read his Behind the Scenes account of this very cool image.  But first, check out Cliff’s profile to find out why he is such a supportive member of the Pounds Community.

Pounds Community Profile: Cliff Ranson of Ranson Photography

Who was your portrait taken by and why did you choose that person?
This photo was taken by Hector Guerra. He has been a close friend since about 1995, and has photographed about 300 weddings with me.

How did you decide on that location?
This is a location I use quite often with Seniors.  It is an alley in downtown McAllen.  I have always liked the contrasting black with the blue.

What is distinctive about your style of photography and what makes this your Signature Portrait?
It is a portrait that would typically result after a consultation, knowing that the clothing would fit the environment.

Did anything funny or interesting happen during this shoot?
We had to use available light because the wind was blowing about 40 mph, so my portable softbox would not stand.  We did not have any others to assist in holding it up.

How did you feel in front of the camera and did you learn anything that will help you when you are photographing other people?
I don’t generally throw myself in front of the camera, but I will regularly show my subject what I am after by demonstrating myself.

Summer Reading: Fame, Fortune and Photography

Friday, July 17th, 2009

The Pounds Community team wanted to do something fun for our members this summer, so we decided to add a special bonus to our newsletter.  Our e-book supplement, “Fame Fortune and Photography” makes the Summer Reading issue of PCN sizzle with hot ideas for cool studio promotions.   We’ve got some great tips for marketing your studio and increasing your sales with products from Pounds.  Check out our e-book, and if you’ve got suggestions you’ d like to share, a dd your comments below.