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Mounting & Finishing

Add the finishing touch to your prints orders by selecting Mount, Texture and Coating options in PROS.


Texture and Coating
1 Day Turnaround

Protect and enhance the print surface and reduce copyright infringement by applying one of our water-based coatings or surface textures. Our Surface Textures, available in Fine Pebble, Coarse Pebble and Linen, are roller embossed to your prints. Fine Pebble Texture is available on prints up to 16x20; Coarse Pebble and Linen Texture are available on prints up to 24x30. Our protective water-based Coating will enhance the life and appearance of your prints. This is available in Lustre, Matte and Clear and is not suggested for prints on Metallic paper. Our clear 3 mil laminate is applied to both sides of your print, creating a durable, water-proof product. This is available in Glossy, Matte or Lustre.

Board Mounts
1 Day Turnaround

Prints are permanently affixed to one of several substrates. With Single Weight Artboard, your print is flush mounted onto a single ply board. With Double Weight Artboard, your print is flush mounted onto double ply board. With Gold, Silver or Black Bevel mounts, your print is flush mounted on double weight art board with a gold, silver or black beveled edge. With Masonite, your print is flush mounted on a smooth, rigid and heavy board that is 1/8 of an inch thick. With Sintra, your print is flush mounted on smooth, durable and lightweight black PVC that is 1/8 of an inch thick. With Foam Board, your print is flush mounted on sturdy foam board material, which is available in 3/16 or 1/2 inch thickness and in colors of black or white.

Canvas Mounts
2 Day Turnaround

Our canvas finished prints are produced by stripping the paper backing from the print and then bonding the emulsion to the canvas using heat and pressure to create a unique textured surface. You may choose from two canvas types: Artist or Linen. Print sizes larger than 30 inches are printed directly onto the canvas. With Canvas Board, your print is bonded to the surface of a double ply artboard wrapped with Artist Canvas. With Canvas Only, your print is bonded directly to a sheet of canvas and the excess canvas around the print edge is left untrimmed. With Canvas Masonite, your print is bonded to canvas that is mounted onto masonite. With Canvas Stretch, your print is bonded to canvas and then stretched over a hardwood frame. Canvas Stretch Frames are available on prints up to 30x50.

Pounds Standout Mounts
1 Day Turnaround

Our Standout Mounts are a contemporary, frameless way to display portraiture, fine art and commercial images. These mounts are produced on 1 1/2 inch thick, high-quality Gatorfoam and are finished with a textured black edge. Each mount has pre-drilled holes allowing them be hung flush against the wall with pushpins. You can also use Velcro strips to hang these lightweight, durable boards. Mounts are 1/2 inch undersized, from listed sizes.

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