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Pro Graphics Products
With Pounds Senior and Pro Specialty Graphics products, you will have all of the advantages of an in-studio art department, without the overhead. We offer pre-designed templates that you personalize with images in PROS. We’ve taken drag and drop convenience and added creative options that will give you an artistic edge. You’ll find everything from pop art to the popular textures of distressed fabric, metal, and wood in our Senior Graphics layouts. Our Pro Graphics layouts include Sports Magazine Covers, Memory Mates, Posters, Trader Cards and more. All of these designs are dazzling when you order them with our free metallic paper upgrade. And, you can always count on Pounds to update PROS with new designs so your studio can keep current with the latest trends!

Individual & Team Pro Prints
Graphic bordered prints personalized with an individual or team name


Magazine Covers
Make your subject a superstar with our Magazine Covers. Personalize them with the player's name.

Sports Posters
These products are great for action sports shots and candid portraits. Metallic paper is available at no additional charge.

Pro Group Sports
Graphic bordered prints personalized with a team or group name.

Trader Cards
Professional-looking, double-sided cards with personalized text fields on the front and back.

Calendar templates are for individuals or teams. Calendars have rotating start months that begin each quarter. 

Bordered Event Prints
These unique prints have selectable border and text colors for a personalized touch. Metallic paper is available at no additional cost.


Memory Mate Composites
Composite prints with individual and team images and personalized text fields. Customizable background color templates available only in PROS.

Event Passes
Event Passes are "hot ticket" items that combine popular sports themes, images,and personalized text. You'll find them in the Pic a Pac catalog. Event Passes are designed for Youth Sports markets, but they are fun for sports fans of all ages. Personalize the passes for customers by adding: Image, Name, Year, Sport/ Activity. Passes are 2x8 and all are printed on one 8x10 sheet. Each sheet includes five different "admission" passes:

  • Player Pass to State Play-Off Games Field Pass to a Hall of Fame Game Stadium Pass to an All Star Game Event Pass to a Tournament of Champions Game Team Pass to a National Championship Game Each 2x8 Event Pass on the 8x10 sheet will be populated with the information you add to the layout.

Orders are not cut or perforated - you decide whether you will cut them into individual passes or deliver them to your customer on one sheet. Metallic paper is available at no additional cost.

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